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It’s TIME to ACT

Here’s an opportunity for us to get interactive with Dr. D and take action with interesting and meaningful conversations around health with your teachers, peers, friends and family.  You are invited to share your reflections on the lyric video and your thoughts and opinions on some questions that aren’t WACK!


Questions about the WACK! Video? 

Share what you think:


Question 1:  After watching the video, what caught your attention…what made you wonder?


Question 2:  What are some topics you would like to know more about from the video? Do you have any questions about the visual or lyrics in the video?


Question 3:  Some of what was discussed in the video dealt with chronic diseases. What do you understand about chronic disease?


Question 4:  Do you know any one (friends, family, etc.) who currently has a chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, kidney disease) or has passed away from a chronic disease?  What do you remember most about their day-to-day life?  Please be willing to share in remembrance if you are able.


Question 5:  Most chronic diseases are preventable. What are your thoughts on prevention when it comes to chronic disease? What do you understand about how these diseases can be prevented?


Question 6:  What do you think we can do to decrease chronic diseases? 


Question 7:  It has been said that this generation of young people will live shorter lives than their parents (paraphrased from US Surgeon General Richard Carmona).  What is your reflection on that statement? 


Question 8:  Is there anyone that inspires you to be as healthy as you can be?


Question 9:  Young people carry the solutions to make the future the healthiest and brightest it can be.  What do you want to do to take control of your health?

Get InterACTive!


ACT 1: Tell us what you thought of the video.  Send your response in the contact information at the bottom of the WACK! website or a short video to or tag @mgdthedoc on IG.


ACT 2: Dr. D got BARS and we bet you can RHYME too!  She wants you to write your own BARS (8 verses) or a poem reflecting on WACK!.  Record your verse with the beat. We’d like to share it!  Link to the beat by producer Mizzy Mauri (@mizzymauri) here: Buddy - Black ft. A$AP Ferg (INSTRUMENTAL) *reprod*


ACT 3: Record a video of your class or your group discussing the WACK lyric video (Ask permission from faculty, students and their parents before providing a recording) and we will post on the WACK Website.


ACT 4: Want to know how your school can get involved in changing the WACKness of our health in America?  Get involved with Big Picture Living.  Click on the “BPL” link on the home page of the WACK! website.



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